Evo E-2000 Reviews – Salt-Free Water Filter

Hard water is a common problem in the United States; in fact, almost 85 percent of the country has it. The EVO Water Systems E-2000 has swiftly risen to the top of the salt-free water softener with the UV market as the most effective cartridge model available. 

Say farewell to the hassles of conventional water softeners and hello to a new era of healthy, delicious water. The EVO E-2000 is a game-changer that will transform the way you interact with water, so strap in and get ready for a ride like no other as we explore its fascinating features. 

Get ready for a miraculous change and let the purity of water fascinate you in these Evo E-2000 reviews. 

Evo E-2000 Reviews Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV

Evo E-2000 UV

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

One of the most advanced salt-free water-softening systems available is the EVO E-2000 system. This system incorporates a pre-sediment filter capable of removing particles as large as 10 Microns with the salt-free water re-ionization process.

This combination enhances the quality of your home’s water and extends the life of your appliances. When it comes to limescale, your water heater is the most crucial item. The water heater and other appliances in your home will last much longer thanks to this method. You won’t have to worry about limescale formation in your pipes or water supply thanks to the salt-free system and sediment filter.

Evo E-2000 Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV

How does Evo E-2000 UV work?

Step 1: Sediment filter

Specifically made to filter out dust, dirt, sand, silt, clay, rust, and other particles that might be visible to the naked eye. This is the first and most important step in the filtration process because it allows only clean, clear water to flow through to the carbon filter, which in turn lasts longer. 

In comparison to other filters on the market, Evo E-2000 UV’s 20″ pleated sediment filter has twice the filtration capacity and lasts four times as long. In addition, if you happen to reside in a very sediment-heavy region, you can clean this sediment filter and reuse it multiple times before finally needing to replace it.

Step 2: Salt-free softener

The physical modification process known as Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) lies at the heart of eSoft Salt-Free Technology. The process of template-assisted crystallization involves water passing through a cartridge containing eSoft media. The “Carbonate Crystal Structures” in this medium are small polymer beads. The templates formed by these carbonate crystal formations are the micro-crystals. Calcium and magnesium ions in hard water are diverted by the nucleation sites in eSoft media. 

When these micro-crystals of calcium and magnesium reach a specific size, they separate from the media and enter the water. As long as you get your water filtered, you won’t have to worry about the negative consequences of hard water.

Step 3: UV Disinfection system

Chlorine-resistant microorganisms are no match for the Evo UV System’s physical modification and lethal radiation. No new compounds will form in the water, thus it will still have the same flavor and aroma. Simply said, the water will become free of microorganisms.


With its in-line design and minimal two-cable setup, the E-2000 is ready to go the moment it is unboxed.  The water in and water out connection is a time and money saver. Therefore, from beginning to end, the installation should take no more than two hours.

The system’s installation location is flexible and can be either indoors or outside. Moving won’t mean the end of your security, either, because the setup is so simple. 

Everything required to install your new wall mount comes in the convenient installation kit. The customer service is excellent and will help you through any problems you may have.


The system is practically maintenance-free due to the absence of salt, power, and a drain line. And because the eSoft conditioner makes physical, rather than chemical, changes to the water’s composition, the salt-free cartridge never needs replacing.  

The sediment pre-filter is easy to change out when it becomes clogged.  If your water contains a lot of sediment, you can wash it and reuse it a few times before you have to replace it. Once a year, you should change out the sediment filter. Contrast that with the requirement to replace cartridges in other printers every three to six months.

Scale prevention

Appliances can lose efficiency and wear down faster when subjected to hard water’s mineral content, which also causes limescale to build. The EVO E-2000 directly addresses this problem with its scale-prevention technology. This system protects your plumbing, water heater, dishwasher, and other water-using appliances from scale buildup, extending their useful life and assuring peak performance for years to come.

Safe for the Environment

The EVO E-2000 is committed to environmental responsibility. It lessens water waste and stops the discharge of salt brine into the sewer system by doing away with the requirement for salt and other chemicals. This environmentally responsible method not only helps the planet but also helps your wallet. Because of the system’s intuitive design, administration, and personalization are breezes.

Warranty and certification

The Evo water system uses only NSF/ANSI-approved parts in its American manufacturing. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it within 120 days.

This implies that you have 120 days after installation to decide whether or not you enjoy the system, at which time you can request a complete refund.


  • Eco-friendly design and system
  • No electricity needed for the operation
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Needs initial maintenance

Best For

A low-maintenance, straightforward, and water-efficient air conditioning system is ideal for these individuals.

My Take on Evo E-2000 Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV

If you’re looking for a salt-free water softener, go no further than the Evo E-2000. This innovative solution is less expensive and easier to set up than the standard tank-based alternatives. Highly recommended for individuals in quest of an HVAC system that is not only easy to install and maintain but also conserves water.

Benefits of using Evo E-2000 

No maintenance needed

Most people choose saltless water softeners because they don’t require any upkeep. They are far more convenient to use than salt-based devices. 

No electricity required

The salt-free system doesn’t need energy because it doesn’t employ an ionization process like a traditional water softener. You’ll be able to save money on your electricity bill and get natural conditioning on your water without using any more energy.

Protects appliances from scale build-up

The method is efficient in descaling water, which in turn helps appliances last longer. The water heater is the most vital component. Running untreated water through a water heater regularly can cause erosion and scale buildup in the pipes, which can lead to costly repairs.

Safe and clean drinking water

The EVO E-2000 includes sophisticated filtration to further improve the quality of your water beyond only softening and cleaning it. This system efficiently filters out sediment, chlorine, and other common water contaminants, leaving you with clean, refreshing drinking water. 

The high-tech filtering system improves the water’s flavor, aroma, and clarity, making it a pleasure to drink. Pure and revitalizing water is yours for the taking with the EVO E-2000 with every use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to change the cartridges of Evo E-2000?

Changing the filter takes no more than ten minutes and no special equipment. For optimum performance, simply swap out the UV lamp and washable 5-micron pleated sediment filter once a year. Due to the physical rather than chemical nature of the eSoft salt-free softener’s transformation, the cartridge is maintenance-free.

What is eSoft softener media? 

eSoft media makes use of its special recipe of Template Assisted Crystals (TAC). As their name suggests, these carbonate crystals are ideal for avoiding and eliminating scale buildup. Therefore, providing comprehensive safety for your home’s pipes and electrical systems. 

Where should I put the water softener in my house?

Since the EVO whole-house softener is a POE system, it must be set up at the home’s point-of-entry (POE), or the location where the main water line enters the building. This implies that it will purify all of the water that enters your home.

Is a salt-free softener worth it?

The calcium and magnesium in your home’s water supply can cause problems with your plumbing and appliances, but a saltless water softener can eliminate this problem.  Without using any salt or chemicals, the crystallization procedure prevents scale by over 99%. Therefore, saltless softeners are better for the environment than their salty counterparts.

Concluding remarks

The EVO E-2000 Whole House Salt-Free Water Softener with UV is a water restorative system that proposes a unique experience. The EVO E-2000 improves the quality of your water by using UV disinfection, advanced filtration, and scale prevention. Experience crystal-clear and refreshing water in your home by eliminating hard water woes, contaminants, and appliance damage.

It is recommended to avoid settling for water that is of mediocre quality. By embracing the science of clean and whole-house coverage, you can enjoy crystal-clear filtration and reduce your worries. The EVO E-2000 is a product that offers a unique water experience. The EVO E-2000 is a device that can bring about transformative changes. It is recommended that you try it out to experience its power. I hope that these Evo E-2000 reviews would be of great help to you. 

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